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Top 7 Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

best spy apps

What is the best spy app for Android? What about the best spy apps for iPhone? How do spy phone apps work? If you are looking for the answers to these questions then read on.

The market of spy apps is really vast, but in the end only a few of them are really good and recommended. In fact, the risk of wasting time and money is unpredictable. Not to mention the fact that some are real traps intended to steal your data and that of the person being spied on.

For that reason, before making any decision it is good to inform yourself. That is why we decided to select and present you the best spy apps for Android and iPhone in the article below. This way you can make sure that you have no problems and perform your investigations without risk.


Top 7 Best Spy Apps in 2024

We start our selection of the most valid spy phone apps available on the market. For each option we give you all the necessary information, to allow you to choose the one best suited to your needs. Enjoy!

1. mSpy

Of all the spy apps available on the market, the most valuable one is certainly mSpy (you can find the official website here). It owes its advantage to numerous available features, ease of use and affordable price.

best spy app for android

After installing the mSpy app on the phone you want to spy on, you can monitor all chats and know the contact list of the main social networks (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc.). In the same way, you can also view the sent photos, videos and links.

The same operation can also be done for apps like Tinder. When it comes to more traditional communication, you can see the call log (made and received) as well as SMS and email messages. If necessary, you can also access the browser history and know all the sites that have been visited, including adult-oriented sites and dating platforms.

Other interesting features include location monitoring even when data transfer is turned off, the ability to check battery percentage and if and when Wi-Fi is turned off. You can try out this spy app right now with the free demo available here.

It is also worth mentioning that the cost of the service is really affordable. All the details can be found on the official website.

2. Flexispy

Another very good service is FlexiSpy (click here). It is a highly recommended spy app for iPhone and Android, but it is also perfect for desktop devices such as computers, laptops and tablets.


In addition to monitoring traditional phone traffic, FlexiSpy gives you access to information from social networks (chats, contact lists and all file sharing). This includes more niche services such as Viber. This allows you to stay in control of the situation, even if the person being spied on thinks they are very clever.

For voice traffic, you can access a log that lists the phone calls made and received. If you select higher subscription ranges, you can also listen in and record all calls. This applies to calls made through social media as well as traditional calls.

The tracked device can also be used as an ambient microphone if desired. For those looking for passwords and credentials, there is a keylogger that records all typed characters in structured protocols. If you want to see how the app works, you can use the free demo version on the official website. You can find it by clicking here.

To use FlexiSpy, you need to install it on the phone you want to monitor. The operation is very simple and can be put into practice in several ways. There are different types of subscriptions available which, as the price increases, allow you to unlock more and more interesting features. Find out more by clicking here.

3. Hoverwatch

If you are looking for a spy app for Android, you should consider the Hoverwatch app (official website here). It is a service tailored just for this software.

free spy app for android hoverwatch

Hoverwatch allows you to access the log of calls made through the regular phone number or social media account. Also for social networks, you can check file sharing, contacts and chats.

This spy app is also very useful in case the phone is stolen, as it allows you to take a picture every time your phone is unlocked. Therefore, if the device falls into the wrong hands, you will know the face of the person immediately.

In addition, you can also record and listen to all calls. Another strong point of Hoverwatch is the ability to activate additional support services.

The various subscriptions available allow you to monitor up to 25 phones simultaneously, as long as they are running Android. For detailed information, please click here.

4. Spyera

Among the best mobile spy apps, Spyera (click here) also deserves a mention. This service is highly praised by users due to its versatility.

aplikacja do szpiegowania telefonu

Spyera is perfectly suited for iPhone and Android devices. It can also be installed on MAC and Windows computers if needed. When it comes to the feature pack, it is really extensive.

It includes social network monitoring (contacts, chats and conversations) and the ability to check the browsing history. When it comes to dating apps, the ones most difficult to spy on, you have access to Tinder (if it’s present on the device you’re spying).

In terms of calls, the user has the ability to listen to them in real time, as well as record them. You can also use the phone as an ambient microphone, to take pictures and record videos if needed. This is just part of what Spyera can do. You can get more detailed information by clicking here.

To activate the spy app, you need to install it on the phone you want to keep under control. When it comes to subscriptions, they may not be the cheapest ones, but with a 12-month package, the investment becomes affordable for everyone. For more information, click here.

5. EyeZy

Now it’s time to introduce EyeZy (click here). It is a spy app for Android and iPhone mainly used for parental controls.

spy apps for android

The features provided to the user are designed so that the user has full knowledge of all the operations performed by children on their phones. For example, you can access all chats (even deleted ones) on social networks.

At the same time, you can check their browsing history, so you always know if your child is accessing dangerous sites or sites with sexual content. You can also spy on the calendar and find out about all upcoming events and anticipate risky moves if necessary.

It is also possible to set keywords that activate a notification when used in chats (joint, drugs, alcohol…). With EyeZy, you can also take action directly on the controlled phone, blocking access to specific sites, disabling Wi-Fi or imposing a maximum limit on hours when it is in use.

To activate EyeZy, you must first create your account. You can do it here. Then install the app on the phone you want to spy on, perhaps at night when the owner is asleep, or by borrowing the device on a pretext – all done in a matter of minutes. Get started right now by clicking here.

6. Spyic

Our list of the best spy apps for Android and iPhone couldn’t miss Spyic (download it here).

aplikacje do szpiegowania

Like the previous option, this is a good solution if you need to implement healthy parental controls. Using the app, you can view all the chats from the major social networks as well as your contact list. You can also access various groups.

If you are worried about calls, you can view all incoming and outgoing calls. The same goes for their duration and the list of the most frequent contacts. For text messages, you will have access to both incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted messages.

If you want to use this mobile spy app to detect infidelity, you will also have access to profiles on Tinder and Badoo. You can also activate a keylogger that will record all the characters you type.

To activate the Spyic app, you need to install it on the phone you want to monitor. As for the cost, there are different types of subscriptions available to control up to three devices simultaneously. More details can be found on the official website.

7. iKeyMonitor

We end our selection of the best spy apps with an analysis of the iKeyMonitor app (go to the official site here). It is an excellent solution for both parental control and infidelity detection.

undetectable spy app for android

This dual use is made possible by the features provided, which are perfectly balanced for both purposes. The user will have access to the social profiles installed on the device, including Hangouts and Telegram, which is not always included in the package of this type of application.

A keylogger can be activated to retrieve passwords and login details, as well as read all SMS messages. As for calls, the user will have access to the log, checking the repetition of numbers and the length of calls. There is also a GPS tracking feature at the user’s disposal, so you will always know the location of the phone.

It should also be said that iKeyMonitor is one of the best spy apps for cell phones, but it is also perfect for desktop devices. So if you want to spy on your laptop or PC, whether it’s MAC or Windows, you won’t have any difficulty.

But what makes iKeyMonitor interesting is the fact that it provides a free version, which is a real gem. It is one of the best free spy apps available on the market. Try it out right now by clicking here.

What are spy apps and how do they work?

All the services we have mentioned can be referred to as spy apps. By this term, we mean a tool that can access a device and collect information about how a child, partner or employee uses their smartphone.

Each of the options presented has specific features that make it more or less suitable for a specific purpose. For example, the mSpy app is best for infidelity detection.

Others, such as Hoverwatch and FlexiSpy, on the other hand, are better suited for parental control or for tracking the activities of employees during working hours.

To use spy apps, they must first be installed on the victim’s phone. So, one way or another, at some point you will have to take the phone you want to monitor, at least for a few minutes.

If you live together with the person to be monitored, you can do it while they are sleeping. Otherwise, find an excuse to be alone with the cell phone and step away for a few minutes. It’s a good idea to have to make a fake urgent call when your phone is down.

Keep in mind, however, that many of the spy apps listed above allow you to purchase phones with pre-activated services, i.e., with the app already installed. Others, on the other hand, if the phone being spied on is an iPhone, allow remote installation, but always using iCloud credentials.

In most cases, once installed, spy apps become invisible to the eyes of the phone owner. This allows you to investigate without much risk.

Best Spy Apps: frequently asked questions

What is the best spy app for Android?

There are many good solutions in our offer. However, mSpy is the most suitable because it allows you to have full control over the device you are spying on.

What is the best spy app for iPhone?

Again, mSpy turns out to be the best, as it also allows remote installation using iCloud credentials.

What is the best computer spy app?

If you are looking for a spy app to monitor your computer or other desktop device, you should go for FlexiSpy, which is certainly the most effective in this case.

Are there any free spy apps?

No, all spy apps require payment. This is because the services they offer are extremely effective, and therefore they are necessarily paid. The only exception to the rule is iKeyMonitor, which has a free basic version where you can try out some of the more simple features.

Is it legal to use a cell phone spy app?

Spying on social and other content on your smartphone is criminal (except for parental controls). The article you have read has been written for informational purposes only and the author assumes no responsibility for any unlawful use of the information and concepts contained on this site.

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